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Jamie's interests include all areas of inclusiveness. The article "Bridging the gender gap in confidence" (Business Horizons, July-August 2018.) highlights her success around building professional confidence with teams of highly introverted people.  Her proven techniques can work in any group environment.

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The Care and Feeding of Your Young Employee

A summary of research on best practices for hiring, onboarding and managing Gen Y and Gen Z. This books gives simple, proven techniques supported by the author's nearly three decades of research and experiences to motivate, develop and retain high-performing young employees. Available on Amazon.


"Jamie joins together practical experience with thoughtful analytics to not only describe the characteristics of those now entering the workforce, but also empathetically prescribe the disciplines required of others to ensure they flourish. She also adeptly details all five generations currently employed, in compelling fashion reminding the reader of the commercial value diversity of thought brings to any setting or sector regardless of birth year."

Mark A. Parrish, President & CEO Igloo Products Corp.

“Jamie has interviewed thousands of college students and employers to create a book with relevant examples and strategies to engage and retain productive young employees in any organization willing to follow her advice. Her book should be required reading for executive leaders. “

Suzan Deison, President & CEO Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce


Connecting College to Corporate - 2nd ed.

Award-winning textbook designed to help college students make the transition to workplace success through practical tips not only on job search and networking, but also on corporate politics, negotiation and appropriate self-promotion.  Available at Great River Technologies Publishing.

Connecting Bauer to Business

Custom e-book and winner of the National Association of Colleges and Employers Innovation Excellence Award.  Developed to meet the specific, real-time needs of a population of young employees.  Includes videos, interactive exercises and learning games to teach professionalism and corporate expectations.

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